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Nobody Nowhere: the Extraordinary Autobiography of an Autistic - Donna Williams

This is excellent reading for anyone involved in the autism community. At times, it is emotionally difficult to read as Williams recounts various instances of abuse and neglect from family and romantic partners/friends, while showing little emotion towards the events. But the journey through Williams' struggle to find herself and her place in 'the world' is extraordinary.

Williams describes very good examples of stim behavior, generalization problems, and dietary intolerance affecting behavior. While she emphasizes how different each individual living with autism is, she explains her logic when addressing certain situations which may be similar to other cases and would be beneficial in gaining insight into how someone living with autism may see the world.

At one point, a parent of a child living with autism remarks, "We think it is we who have to teach the autistic person... Now I see it is us who have so much to learn from them." This beautifully emphasizes Williams' efforts to understand herself and validates her experiences to find a balance between 'us' and 'them'. This is truly a remarkable opportunity to learn more about one woman's existence of living with autism.