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Catch-22 - Joseph Heller

I can't decide if what I just read was horribly stupid or incredibly genius, but whatever it was, I absolutely loved it. This book is a hilarious collection of contradictions. At first I was concerned that there wasn't much of a story, but by the end I found myself actually attached to the characters and invested in their outcomes. This is such a great book. While it was touch to get through at times, Heller provides gruesome descriptions and humorous misfortunes.

My only critique is that I hated the female characters and how they were described. Whenever a female character appeared, I kind of glossed over the scene without taking much in because they were horribly sexualized caricatures of women and I could not stand them. There are only so many times it is humanly possible to read a degrading descriptions of women's bodies and this novel exceeded that limit.

Overall though a great read.