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AfterZoe - Amanda Hickie

I received this book through GoodReads First Reads.

This book had an interesting back-story, but I don't think the plot was active enough to keep me engaged with the text for long. Most of the characters were pretty passive and the ones who did act didn't really seem to have much of a plan. Even within Winney and Nick's rebel organization, they seem to work off of a vague principle and don't actively do much. Also, I think it would have been more interesting if Nick's past were elaborated on more thoroughly; there were vague references to it, but not enough to explain the actual set up of the afterlife. At certain points within the novel, I felt that the timeline got confusing between flashback from life and the present in the afterlife. The mythological references to Lethe water and Ambrosia were really cool though and I liked the overall idea of a different version of the afterlife. The idea was good, but there just wasn't enough plot-development or conclusion to really keep me interested.