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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

This is an absolutely stunning work of fiction.

I found my opinion surprising considering I do not generally like love stories or sad stories and while this book incorporated both of these elements, it also did so much more.

Green's characters do not have a silly Romeo-and-Juliet-like love that is so common in teenage romances. The two act more like best friends who happen to be physically attracted to one another. Their love was actually quite a pleasure to read.

I also really enjoyed the perspective that Green chose to write from. By writing as Hazel, he was able to demonstrate the isolating Otherness and ableism that people in similar situations experience. Hazel even calls out the martyrdom and heroism that cancer patients are treated with when all they are really trying to do is be human beings and live their lives. I love how popular this book is because I feel that this message is crucially important.

Beautifully written. Simplistically philosophical. This book was perfect.

Also, Kate Rudd's narration makes the story even better. She is an amazingly gifted narrator. It is a true feat to be able to switch voices between a teenage boy and a teenage girl in a second without making it sound ridiculous. Rudd does just that. The emotion she puts behind the words adds another level to the beauty of the novel. Her talent is truly awe-inspiring.