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William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Mean Girls - Ian Doescher
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A fantastic retelling of Mean Girls in the style of William Shakespeare. This book is clever, hilarious, and a delight to read.

This book is such a fun way to combine classic literature and popular culture. The unique blend makes Shakespeare's style of writing more understandable and approachable for modern readers as the well-known quotes from the film echo in the back of their heads while reading, serving as a sort of translation. A splendid idea that just might get young readers and teens interested in the works of Shakespeare.

I really enjoyed this book and thought the writing was amazing. Doescher modeled each of the main female characters off of Shakespearean characters such as Miranda, Kate, Juliet, and Lady Macbeth, which added another great layer to the work.

This could easily work as an introduction to Shakespearean literature as well as a fun treat for fans of Shakespeare, complete with hidden references to find along the way.

A very fun reading experience for fans of Mean Girls, Shakespeare, or both.