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Someday Is Now: Clara Luper and the 1958 Oklahoma City Sit-ins - Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich, Jade Johnson
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The remarkable story of Clara Luper, an inspirational woman who took action through teaching, demonstrating, fighting for rights, and instilling the value to do the same in others. This book details some of Luper's work, told simply and elegantly.

Growing up, I remember not really liking non-fiction picture books, however this one was well done. While it is a bit wordy, the story is simplified for young audiences, explained well, and told in an entertaining and inspiring way. Because of its length, it is best suited for older children.

Great incorporation of the steps of nonviolence and showing how change can be brought about through action. I also liked that the hardships of such action were included. The book shows people throwing food at the characters and the narration mentions people yelling at them and "spit[ting] ugliness and hate". The violence was presented in a way suitable for children without ignoring it. I think it is crucial to including the push back against such demonstrations when teaching children about fighting for change.

At the end of the book is a "More about Clara Luper" section, which includes additional information, quotes, and photographs.

A good book to teach children about nonviolence, segregation, and fighting for rights as well as getting them interested in history and historical figures.

A great non-fiction picture book.