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Hate - Lynne Phillips, Michael Carter, Michael  Davis, Terry Miller, Brian Rosenberger, David Donachie, Glenn D. Wilson, Andrew Anderson, Angela Zimmerman, Wendy Roberts, Kevin Kennedy, Peter Foote, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Tor Ulven, Terri Arnold, Jodi Jensen, Andrzej Mularczyk, R
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A fantastic exploration of hate and revenge told from a variety of perspectives. From betrayed exes and disgruntled employees to vampires and fairy tale characters not satisfied with The End.

This collection includes my drabbles, "A Giant's Revenge", "Bluebeard's Bloody Test", "Guess My Name", "Fate of an Evil Queen", and "One Night in the Lumberjack Camp".

Some of my personal favorites in this anthology were Peter Foote's "Crushed Heart", Kimberly Rei's "The Last Dance", and Maura Yzmore's "The Weave" among others. It was very difficult to narrow down. There were so many great twists, clever word plays, and wonderful descriptions.

Good variety of stories. Some were gruesome, some were humorous, some were beautiful, and some were downright twisted.

These bite-sized stories are perfect for fitting a little reading time in to a busy day and taking small journeys into the darker side of life.