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How Mirka Met a Meteorite - Barry  Deutsch

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Another wonderfully odd adventure with Mirka and her siblings. The thing I really love about this series is that I never quite know what is going to happen next. Every page is a surprise. It is so unique and out there that it's in no way predictable.

This book picks up right where the last one left off (which I especially enjoyed given that I was thrown off by how abruptly the first one ended). It tells the tale of Mirka's run-ins with the troll, the witch, some bullies, and a meteorite.

As with the first one, the artwork is lovely. I enjoyed the simple color pallet and intricacies in the illustrations.

Also, the knitting. I just love the knitting. It is such a fun, creative aspect that runs through the stories. It really ties everything together, so to speak, and I love how the stories in this series always come full circle.

This series does such an amazing job blending fantasy and reality, fact and fiction. It presents various aspects of life in an Orthodox Jewish community and twists them all of up into a fantastic, magical journey into the unexpected. The book very much reads like folklore with descriptions of daily tasks superimposed with magic and mystery.

A wonderful read. I am looking forward to the third book.