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Full Circle: From Hollywood to Real Life and Back Again - Andrea Barber
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I received a copy of this book through Goodreads, in exchange for an honest review.

A well-written, honest, inspiring, and entertaining memoir that gives a look at Barber's experiences with acting, fame, anxiety, divorce, motherhood, and life.

Throughout the book, Barber discusses her passion and talent for writing. This really shows in the book. The narration instantly pulls the reader in and she does a fantastic job crafting the stories of her life. I could definitely see Barber continuing a writing career.

As someone who casually watched Full House as a kid, but hadn't yet started Fuller House, I was interested in seeing an inside perspective on the whole phenomenon. I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting I found this book and how much I enjoyed it. It is easy to connect with Barber through the page because of her fantastic writing style.

While Barber deals with many heavy topics in this book, the overall tone is very positive. It emphasizes love, acceptance, and family, which ties in perfectly with the tones of Full(er) House. Even when writing about darker issues, Barber's positive perspective really shines through. She does not shy away from sharing her hardships, but emphasizes the light at the end and what she learned from the experience. I also thought she did a good job recognizing her privilege while still showing that she has struggled through various stages of life like any other person. A wonderful read.

As I was reading, the desire to watch Fuller House hit to see Barber's references first-hand. The nostalgia of watching the show as a kid came out and now I found a feel-good show that I really enjoy.

This was a great read that showcases Barber's talent for writing, her humor, and her mature and developed perspective on life. A remarkable book.