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The Barking Ghost - R.L. Stine
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This book started off with a really promising idea. There was enough weird stuff going on that I was pretty interested in how things would turn out. The book does get pretty repetitive with many supposedly suspenseful moments turning out to be nothing at all (how many times are you going to get scared by bunnies and leaves, Cooper?).

I felt the story was a bit slow. Based on the title, I was pretty sure there were some ghost dogs in it, but it took forever for the main character to figure it out. Maybe not the best title if it gives away such a major plot point? Just saying.

The big twist reveal was... creative. Honestly, it was just too weird and cheesy to be satisfying. What started out so promising turned into a big joke that was more silly than scary.

I never read Goosebumps as a kid, because, like Cooper, I was a pretty fearful child. This one, however, was not very scary at all. It was a bit creepy, but the whole thing just turned out to be weird and not very satisfying. When I got to the end, I was underwhelmed and couldn't get over what a strange ending it was. Not the best Goosebumps book I've read.