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The Golden Tower - Holly Black, Cassandra Clare
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I have loved reading this series so much. Yes, it's very similar to Harry Potter, however it is definitely its own story with its own complexities. With all of the craziness that happened in the last few books, I was wondering how this whole thing was going to end.

Overall, I liked this book and found the ending fairly satisfying. The writing was good, the story was interesting, and it tied up most of the loose ends. While the pace of the book was very fast and new elements were introduced in a rather helter skelter manner, I think the main issue that I had with the book is that it appears Black and Clare kind of wrote themselves into a corner and had to come up with a creative solution to resolve everything. Personally, I felt that solution was out of character for certain players like Tamara and Aaron. Their ethics kind of go out the window at the end. The whole Maugris thing was cool, but was severely underdeveloped and felt like an afterthought. It gets thrown in there and then doesn't really go anywhere.

A lot happens in this book. In all honestly, it's a bit overwhelming. There was a lot to wrap up and, while Black and Clare did utilize some imaginative techniques, the chosen conclusion wasn't entirely satisfying. It left some bits out and didn't seem to completely mesh with the characters' views and ethics.

Overall, I enjoyed the book despite its flaws. This has been such a fun series to read and I'm a little bummed that it's over.