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Harley Quinn Vol. 2: Power Outage (The New 52) (Harley Quinn (Numbered)) - Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Chad Hardin

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Honestly, Volume 1 was a bit of a toss up between 2 and 3 stars. I didn't necessarily like it, but I got attached to the characters and fell into the continuous story so I went with 3 stars. There were parts I didn't like, but at least I was interested in the story.

This one however, was something entirely different. Choppy, confusing, anticlimactic, and downright boring at times. I just did not enjoy this one. It was easy to get caught up in the first one because of the progressing story, but this one lacked that connectivity. The stories are just kind of there and none of them were interesting enough for me. The backstory in "Secret Harley Quinn" was sort of interesting, but ended so abruptly and didn't really go anywhere.

Really this one just felt like an excuse to look at Harley and other female characters in sexy outfits and positions. From the pornographic "burlesque" show to Harley showing off her rear end to a mugger and Power Girl's inability to find clothes that fit or clothing at all, it all felt dumb and full of fan service. Not really my style.

I gave this series a shot, but it's just not a good fit for me.