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Stitched #1: The First Day of the Rest of Her Life - Mariah Huehner, Aaron Alexovich
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I'm kind of a sucker for spooky cutesy things, so it was no surprise that I was immediately drawn to this book when I saw it at the library.

This book is just the right amount of creepy with lots of cuteness and humor thrown in to lighten it up. Fun intro to the series that sets up the characters and the main storyline. You don't find out much about Crimson in this one, but that only makes me more excited to read the second book. I found that there was just enough to keep me interested, yet enough held back to make me want to continue reading.

I also really enjoyed the artwork. Good balance of creepy and colorful. It's not all drab and down. The illustrations are lovely with great detail.

I already have a request at the library for book two and I can't wait to read it and learn about Crimson, her mysterious past, and her new friends.