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Adventure Time Comics Vol. 2 - Derek Fridolfs, Mariko Tamaki, Pendleton Ward, Ryan Browne
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So I am kind of obsessed with this series. 

I read the first one last week and liked it well enough. After reading this one, I found I liked it a little better than the first. The stories were more interesting to me and seemed more well-developed. 

This is a fun collection of comics featuring all your favorite Adventure Time Characters. I makes me want to just binge-watch the show for the rest of my life (at least more than I already want to). Funny, silly, epic, and amazing, this collection has got it all. 

My favorite comics included Zachary Sterling's "Cake Bakes" because it was absolutely adorable, Shaenon K. Garrity and Roger Langridge's "The Princess Megathalon" because everything about it was amazing, and Riley Rossmo's "Better Diet" because packing so much awesome into one page is 
a true feat. I also really liked the art style of Kevin Jay Stanton's "Gunter the Hero". 

Great collection and I am loving this series so far.