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Why Not Me? - B.J. Novak, Greg Daniels, Mindy Kaling, Mindy Kaling

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Another fun, hilarious book from Mindy Kaling. Great book for fans of the first one as well as any of her shows. The writing is weird and funny, just like we've all come to expect from Kaling. 

One of the great things about Kaling's writing is she'll talk about hanging out with other celebrities and such, but it doesn't feel like namedropping. She brings up other actors she is actually close with and tells interesting stories about them instead of just peppering their names in her writing. I recently read a celebrity memoir that featured so many namedrops, I couldn't help but roll my eyes when another famous person's name came up. Kaling has a great balance. Plus her story about Edward Albee was hilarious. 

Like any book, this one isn't perfect (that fantasy Latin teacher thing told almost exclusively in emails and text got a little played out by the end), but it is an entertaining and interesting book nonetheless. So many topics come up- weight, confidence, rejection, juice cleanses, friendship, and it is so fun to read Kaling's perspective on things.