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Doc McStuffins Awesome Guy to the Rescue! / Bella's Big Break: Two-Books-in-One - Disney Book Group, Disney Storybook Art Team
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I haven't seen this show in a while, but I vaguely remember Bella's story. I found this in a Little Free Library and thought it might be a good book to read with some of the kids I work with. 

Thoughts on Awesome Guy to the Rescue

Cute little story that focuses on asking for help when you need it and not pretending everything is okay to appear strong. Very good message portrayed in an entertaining way. At the end of the story is "Doc's Tips About Boo-Boos and Ouches", which further emphasizes this message. I liked the tips about not being afraid to cry or ask for a hug to feel better. Good way to teach children that it is okay to need help from others without feeling bad about it. 

Thoughts on Bella's Big Break

Nice story about getting a cast put on. Told in a way that is reassuring. Good focus on how the cast doesn't hurt, but you have to let the broken bones rest so they can heal. Also, nice secondary message about friends helping each other and being supportive. At the end is a list of "Doc's Tips About Boo-Boos and Ouches", which repeats this message. There is also a short "Meet the Gang" section on the inside cover that introduces the main characters at Doc's clinic. 

Overall, a nice nice double book for fans of Doc McStuffins.