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Shattered Warrior - Sharon Shinn, Molly Knox Ostertag

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I just devoured this graphic novel. I absolutely loved it. I started reading it yesterday morning and finished it before a went to bed last night. I just didn't want to stop reading. 

First of all, the story itself was fantastic. Really cool concept. I loved the creation of the various groups (Derichet, Valenchi, Chromatti, all those other humans) and the ways they started merging and interacting. I was hooked on the plot from the beginning. 

Also, the characters were fascinating. It was especially interesting to see the various personalities of the Derichet, although they all were pretty much creepers. Lucy was my favorite character. So adorable yet also scary fierce. 

The reason I picked this book up from the library in the first place was because I recently read Molly Knox Ostertag's The Witch Boy and am now slightly obsessed with her work. Before this, I read Strong Female Protagonist, which I thought was good, but I absolutely loved Ostertag's artwork in this book. Great detail and intriguing pictures. 

I'll admit the whole falling in love plot line was a little cheesy for me, but there was enough other stuff going on that I still really enjoyed the book. Simply fantastic read.