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Strong Female Protagonist Book One - Molly Ostertag, Brennan Lee Mulligan
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Honestly, I sought this book out because the artwork was done byMolly Ostertag and I am currently slightly obsessed with her work.

Overall, I thought the book was good. There were times when it was a bit confusing, but I liked the concept. 

The artwork in the beginning was a bit overwhelming for me. It starts out with a lot of words in the pictures (signs, song lyrics, store names, logos, billboards, headlines). It was just a bit too much for me. I liked the puns and such, but it was exhausting reading all of those words that didn't actually further the story. This mostly gets phased out after the first two chapters, which made the rest of the book more enjoyable for me. Other than that the artwork was great. 

I did really like Alison's character and how much she matures throughout the book. It was interesting seeing her relationships to various people and how those relationships changed as well. I especially liked the Cleaver plot line. 

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and will probably read the next book at some point.