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The Little Free Library Book - Margret Aldrich
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Such a fascinating and beautiful book. 

Wonder about the origin story of all of those Little Free Libraries you see everywhere? Want to be part of the movement and install your own? This book has you covered. Complete with gorgeous pictures of various LFLs around the world, this is a fantastic book for everything Little Free Library. 

This book includes how LFL got started as well as many heartwarming stories about stewards from around the world. There are also sections with tips on how to make your own library, how to get the community involved, how to make the library a success, and how to do more with your library. 

At the end of the book in the appendix are construction plans, installation instructions, and lots of tips on the actual physical library construction. Great resource for people who want to build their own library. 

And throughout it all are wonderful pictures of various LFLs, from simple to extravagant, from traditional to creative. It was so fun to look at the pictures and all of the creative ways people made their libraries their own. 

Excellent read.