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Review of Outcasts & Other Words (featuring 9 poems and stories by moi)

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As a contributor to this anthology, I feel it would be unfair for me to give it a star rating, but here are some of my thoughts and my favorite pieces. 

Personally, this was a fun anthology to write for. Each piece was inspired by a daily writing prompt (either a word prompt, picture prompt, or daily challenge). Great way to get the creativity flowing. I loved having a prompt to work from and being able to interpret and spin it however I wanted. 

All of the contributors have their own unique style that really shines through in their stories and poetry. Great project to read if you have a few minutes to spare as each of the entries can be read in one sitting. I read this while taking breaks from editing my current projects. 

Some of my personal favorites were D. Avery's "Penning Map Lines",H.R.R. Gorman's "Worth the Wait", and Sammi Cox's "The Strange Disappearance of Arthur Everleigh, Gentleman-Explorer" and"Imperfect Perfections".

You can also read my nine short stories and poems, "Upward Journey""Bald""Ghosts and Memories""Life After This""One Foot in Front of the Other""You Are""Special Agent Kittypants","Like a Ghost", and "The Dream"


Check out the full project here


Source: http://outcastanthology.wordpress.com