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Do You Want To Build A Snowman? (Disney Frozen) - Calliope Glass, Olga Mosqueda
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Adorable book that allows the reader to help Anna and Elsa build Olaf. 

This is a good interactive book that asks the reader to do various actions (chop off branches, spin the book to roll a snowball, tap when pieces should go) in order to put Olaf together. Great way to make a simple story very fun and engaging. 

Cute illustrations. Personally, I thought the overly large eyes on Anna and Elsa were a little creepy in some shots, but overall the book is pretty adorable.

The text is a little lengthy on some pages in my opinion, but it was still fun. I liked the variety of phrases and instructions. 

I read this with a little girl I work with (who loves Frozen) and she enjoyed it. Afterwards, she insisted we pretend to be Anna and Elsa and find Olaf. 

Nice, fun read for Frozen fans.