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Bridget Jones's Baby: The Diaries - Helen Fielding
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Growing up, I loved watching Bridget Jones's Diary. I watched it over and over again. This probably had more to do with my raging crush on Hugh Grant than the movie's actual cinematic value, but I remember it being an entertaining movie nevertheless. A few years ago, I listened to the first audiobook and couldn't stand it. The loveable Bridget as portrayed by Renee Zellweger was an upgrade in comparison to the novel's irritating protagonist. I thought I was done with the series right there. Then last week I needed an audiobook that was approximately three hours long to listen to on the way to work and found this one. I figured I would give it a try. 

There are definitely times when the book is amusing, but I was so irritated with Bridget's character. I understand you're supposed to feel better about yourself as you read about how hopeless Bridget is, but all of her screw ups just made me more and more anxious. I was relieved by the end really. I just wanted it all to be over so I could calm down and stop worrying about fictional problems. 

Bridget has a way of turning every little thing into a major ordeal and I found myself being swept up in the craziness. It's almost a weight off my shoulders just escaping Bridget's world. I don't think this series is a good fit for me. 

I will say however, that the ending was pretty cute. I had the warm fuzzies by the last track, which is why this book got 3 stars from me. There were a few cute moments in all of the anxiousness.