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Lumberjanes Vol. 5: Band Together -  Noelle Stevenson, Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Brooke Allen
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This series is so up and down for me. In general, I like the stories. Some are crazy confusing, but they are always weird and entertaining in a good way. This one was no exception.

I started out Chapter 17 and was so excited to see the familiar loveliness of Brooke Allen's illustrations. This is the Lumberjanes I fell in love with. I almost stopped reading the series after volume 3 because of the huge change in art style.

Then I got to chapter 18 and was horrified to see that Carolyn Nowak illustrated the rest of the book. My heart sunk right there. The story was still good, but I just wasn't as into the illustrations. I don't really like Nowak's style for the Lumberjanes. From what I remember, I don't think I hated these as much as the ones in volume 3, but there were scenes where her illustrations really bugged me. 

I did like the plot of the book. The whole mermaid thing was really interesting and April learned a valuable lesson. It was also cool to see how our favorite Lumberjanes met and the origin of Ripley's adorably adorable hair. 

Good book on the whole, but I don't think I will every whole-heartedly accept Nowak's Lumberjane illustrations.