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The Tea Dragon Society - Katie O'Neill
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Such a beautiful book. Strangely enough, I actually started reading this online over X-mas. I had finished the first chapter (and was loving it) when I found a physical copy at the library. I really enjoyed reading it and the huge pages of the physical book really allow you to get lost in the amazing world of tea dragons.

The thing that really stood out in this book was the artwork. It is all so beautiful and adorable. I absolutely loved it. I also liked the story, although I can see it not appealing to everyone. It is more about personal journeys than physical adventures. I found it well done and the characters really pull you in. 

At the end of the book are some Extracts from the Tea Dragon Handbook, which include information about tea dragons, their societies, and the leaves produced by tea dragons. There is also some information on eight tea dragons such as average length, average weight, and care notes as well as a super cute picture of each (Hibiscus is my absolute fav. I can't help it. She looks like a less cranky version of my cat). 

I would definitely like to read more by O'Neill. I have read Princess Princess Ever After and loved it! One of the things I really like about her work is the diversity she so seemlessly includes. Some books try hard to incorporate diverse characters, but it feels forced and more like, "Look, there is a lesbian!" O'Neill has a knack for creating three-dimensional characters that feel like actual people rather than plot devices. By not being so in-your-face and just presenting the characters as they are, sexualities are represented as natural and normal. 

I am loving the world of tea dragons. I cannot wait to read The Tea Dragon Festival. This was a wonderful book to finish up 2018.