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Meet The Marvel Super Heroes - Scott Peterson
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Good book for getting basic information on the main Marvel heroes as well as a few obscure ones. I thought the heroes included were pretty good. Works well for young super hero fans who are looking for information on various Marvel heroes. The information given was good. There is usually a little about backstory as well as powers, alliances, and what group each hero was part of. 

I did like the illustrations. Nice visuals to go along with the text. The female characters pretty much all have the standard female superhero build (skinny, big chests, ridiculously long legs), but that is less the illustration's fault and more in the original creation and design. 

I did like seeing that there were many females included. From the well-known (Invisible Woman, Black Widow, Lady Sif) to the lesser known (Namorita, Magik, Firestar). Going along with the female representation, some reviews complained that Spider Gwen wasn't included. I don't think this is a fair jab since Spider Gwen first appeared in 2014 and this book was published in 2013. But whatever. There's also a complaint that Captain Mar-Vell was included but not Captain Marvel. Again the timeline is a little fuzzy here since Ms. Marvel took on the name Captain Marvel in 2012. Ms. Marvel was included in the book. Another complaint was that Squirrel Girl wasn't included. Not sure if there are multiple editions of this book, but the one I read definitely had Squirrel Girl in it. Not sure what that was all about.

Anyway, overall I liked the book. It was interesting to learn about some super heroes I wasn't familiar with. Very good read.