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Does Frankenstein Get Hungry? - John Solimine
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This is a wonderful, silly, disgusting, and surprisingly helpful book. In it, a little girl is scared of the things that may lurk in her room when trying to fall asleep. But after thinking of a bunch of silly questions relating to what she is scared of, she realizes she does not have to be afraid.

Great illustrations and rhymes. I loved the details in the pictures. Some are gross, some are strangely beautiful, all are very fun and engaging.

I really enjoyed this book. It is one that is very entertaining, but it also has some helpful advice. Instead of dwelling on what scares you, change your perspective and show yourself how ridiculous your fears are. Great advice for children as well as adults. Such an amazing book.

I picked this up from the library because one of the little girls I work with loves spooky Halloween-like things. After actually reading the book, I was surprised by how wonderful and insightful it actually was. 

Great book for reading all year around.