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Dog at the Door (Animal Ark #25) - Ben M. Baglio

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Similar to the other Animal Ark books, but definitely a little heavier than some of the other ones I have read. 

In this book, a pregnant golden retriever is left outside Animal Ark. Mandy and her parents work together to solve the mystery as well as help deliver and care for the puppies. 

The thing I don't like about this series is that it really feels like it is written by a grownup. You are under no illusion that you are inside a child's head. The children in the book speak like adults and use idioms, which kids don't really do. The children are very grown up and not very believable. 

I also thought the end was a bit of a stretch. It was entirely predictable, right down to what happens with Vera Morley and Kenneth Samuels, and just did not seem realistic. 

Overall, a nice story, but there are definitely some spots that may be difficult for some young readers. 




One of the puppies is stillborn and another dies within days of being born. The scenes are well-written, but it may be helpful information for parents to know before giving it to their children so they can make an informed decision on if their child could handle it or not.