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I Hate Everything - Matthew DiBenedetti
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I saw this book at the library and was instantly pulled in by the interesting cover and intriguing title. 

This was an entertaining book. I am not creative enough to write an "I hate..." review so I'm just going with the standard style. 

This is a huge book that is actually a pretty quick read. Each page lists a few things that the author hates along with some entertaining illustrations. 

It's kind of fun to read this book, especially when you get to something that you hate as well. You get all excited that someone else dislikes the specific thing that you dislike. 

Some of the things hit you kind of hard ("I hate that superheroes don't really exist. I hate that villains do."). Others are just weird and funny ("I hate that I didn't find the One Ring that will rule them all."). I especially enjoyed seeing the trail of thought in the statements ("I hate that rainbows only come out when it rains. I hate that I'm only happy when it rains. I hate when songs get stuck in your head. I hate when MY iPod plays a song I really don't like. I hate that I don't have a good P'P'P'Poker Face."). 

Overall, a fun book. Good coffee table book or one of those books you put on your shelf to see if people ask about it. Entertaining read. Works well for people trying to meet their yearly reading challenge.