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Lulu and the Witch Baby - Bella Sinclair
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A humorous and adorable tale about a little witch who does not get along with her baby sister.

I feel like this is such a relatable story, wanting your baby sister/brother to disappear. I personally don't have siblings, but I have read enough books and seen enough movies to know that at some point, most kids feel this way. 

This is a considered an I Can Read! level 2 book for developing readers. Personally, it seems kind of lengthy. The sentences and story are simple, but it is a very long book. From what I can tell, this is an older book that was readapted and given a super cute makeover. This version appears to be much cuter than the original. 

Since this book was already written then given a level rating (as apposed to writing the book with the plan of it being a level 2), it makes sense that the length doesn't quite fit. I think it still works, just be aware that it may be best to read the book in parts instead of all at once. 

Adorable illustrations and a fun story. I actually really enjoyed this witchy tale.