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The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well - Meik Wiking
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I will start by saying this is a very pretty book. I liked the cover and the various illustrations throughout. Very hygge. The colors and font used were very comforting.

However, what I think my dislike of this book all boils down to is that it didn't need to be a book. The information covered in it could have easily been condensed to a list in a magazine article. What is hygge? Coziness, comfort, safety. How does one practice a hygge lifestyle? Candles, sweaters, tea, good friends, family time, fire, wool socks, comfy seats, blankets, heavy food, etc. It's not a revolutionary concept. 

Because the concept of hygge is so simple, the book gets very repetitive very fast. The same thing is repeated over and over again as if the reader were too dense to realize that candles are soothing and comforting. 

Also as a scientist, Meik Wiking has an awfully difficult time with the fact that correlation does not equal causation. He'll basically say two things are correlated, then use that to prove his point without really discussing the fact that there is probably a pretty obvious third variable that is causing both things. 

I have nothing against the hygge life. It sounds great. I mean we basically all do it. Who doesn't curl up with a cup of tea and a good book or snuggle down to watch TV during a thunderstorm? Hygge is basically making yourself fells cozy, which pretty much every human ever enjoys. From what I understand, hygge situations are like a treat (a nice piece of chocolate you have once in a while), but Wiking kind of oversimplifies this and makes it seem like you are always seeking hygge. Like it's something to do all the time. The balance of real-life responsibilities and hygge did not really come across in the book. 

There are some cool things in the book such as a few recipes and how to make a woven heart. But for the most part, I think Wiking gets caught up in his version of hygge. Hygge is different for everybody, but I think he gets a little stuck on what is hygge for him. He really likes scarves and socks and just runs with it, repeating the same concepts chapter after chapter.

It all comes down to enjoy life, be happy, and do what makes you comfortable. It's important to adult and all that, but don't forget to take time to relax. Simple concept for an overly-complex book.