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Steampunk LEGO - Guy Himber
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I picked this book up from the library because one of the kids I work with is obsessed with Lego. He had already looked through all of the Build books the library had so I thought I'd given this one a try. While it is not a Build book and does not show you how to build any of the fascinating devices shown within its pages, we both still found it very interesting.

The book is broken down into sections which includes things like air travel, automatons, space travel, sea vessels, and more. Within each section is a variety of interesting devices, all made out of Lego. 

There are also some nice nods to various media phenomenons such as Up and Star Wars, which was cool to see.

While this is not a children's book per se, those who love Lego and/or steampunk may enjoy the pictures. Good book for adults who enjoy Lego and/or steampunk. It is easy to get lost in the world while looking through this gorgeous book.