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What People Are Saying About Heartstrings

Thank you everyone who has read and reviewed my first novel. I really appreciate your support (and the 5-star rating on Amazon)!


What people are saying about Heartstrings:


"I do not usually write reviews, however this book needs to be read and enjoyed. I just received my copy and could not put it down. It is a children’s book, however as an adult I enjoyed the fantasy and deeper lessons that may be missed by a child. This book is unique. Most books appeal to either boys or girls. This book has the adventures and characters that will appeal to boys and at the same time has characters that girls will fall in love with. Books are important in a child’s formative years and I believe this book is an important addition to every child’s reading."


"Received this book as a gift. The main character Cio will inspire children of all ages. To me, this story’s message to find adventure and take a leap of faith and believe in yourself will ignite the imagination of children and adults alike. Well worth the read and I will be buying this book for the children in my life."


"I am grateful I got to preview this book. As a middle school counselor for 35 years I know reading can be a great comfort to children. Every child has their own preferences and this fantasy could be just the right messenger for some young readers. The ending (like the title) is very heartwarming."


"What if his wish came true? This sweet story is all about learning about new worlds, and finding new friends. It is a very sweet book with detailed descriptions of what it would be like to see the world from antoy’s perspective. Highly recommend to young readers!"


"This was such a great story of friendship and exploring. An easy fast read for bedtime. The author really brought the story to life. ;)"


"The title of the book, "Heartstrings" is perfect, the words and images will maintain a gentle pull from beginning to end. The writing style will appeal to both young and old and is a perfect Christmas gift for children. This book is top shelf!!!"


"A thought provoking and imagination stirring story for young readers. D & Me"

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