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My First Novel is Now Available!

The e-book of my first novel, Heartstrings, is now available on Amazon! A fun-filled adventure full of dinosaurs, nursery rhyme characters, and a giant cat, with a few lessons to learn along the way. See blurb below for more information.


Cio has never been able to see… or move… or do much of anything. Then, one night, he makes a wish that changes everything. When his wish comes true, Cio ventures off on a great quest, in search of happiness and thrill.


Join Cio on a fantastical journey in this middle grade adventure story. In his travels, Cio faces terrifying obstacles, but also makes great discoveries regarding friendship, honesty, and bravery, and even finds out a few things about himself along the way.




Source: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FZSF2B2?ref_=pe_870760_118561140