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The Monster in the Backpack: Candlewick Sparks - Lisa Moser, Noah Z. Jones
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A pretty good book overall. I liked all of the silliness and mayhem that starts off the book. The monster is an adorable little troublemaker. It reminds me of Cornelia Funke's Ruffleclaw

The only thing I didn't like about the book was the ending. The monster is kind of a jerk throughout the book, but at the end Annie decides to keep him because he threw her a parade (which made a mess that she had to clean up). I get where the book was trying to go, but it also kind of suggests that you should stay friends with someone who treats you badly if they occasionally do something nice for you. The monster puts gum in her boot, eats her lunch, and rips up her homework, but that parade was enough for to cement their friendship? Obviously, this was not the intention of the book, but I think it sends the wrong message.

Overall, a cute silly book about a girl and her monster.