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Circle Rolls - Barbara Kanninen, Serge Bloch
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Well that was kind of terrifying. What starts out as a clever rhyming book about shapes takes a pretty dark turn. It all works itself out in the end, but the details were a bit creepy. 

[ In the book, circle rolls until it lands on the top of a very sharp triangle and pops. Like it literally explodes and its pieces fall everywhere. WHAT? It was pretty horrifying. And the other characters are completely unfazed. The tiny people who adorn each page just get out their umbrellas and watch bits of circle fall from the sky. Not only that, the pieces land around square who then inhales some of the dust of its exploded friend and sneezes. This causes all sorts of ruckus and what-have-you, but the major point is that a character blows up and is inhaled by another character. This is weird and gross and horrifying. Who thought that was a good idea in a children's book? End rant. (hide spoiler)]

The pictures are simple, but entertaining (besides that terrifying part mentioned in the spoiler). I can seen this being used in schools to teach rhyming, shapes, actions, cause and effect, etc. 

At the end, this book was just okay for me because it got a little too dark and I think there are better educational books for kids that don't include horrifying accidents.