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Misunderstood Shark - Ame Dyckman
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A humorous book packed with facts about sharks. 

Overall, this was a good book. I liked the idea of a misunderstood shark who is just trying to be nice (it helps that sharks are my favorite animals even though I am absolutely terrified of them- irony, eh?). Each misunderstanding leads to an interesting shark fact, which is both fun and educational (yay, multitasking!). 

I loved the illustrations. Very funny and engaging.

The writing was simple, but entertaining. I lost it at "I brought boo-boo strips". Hilarious!

The book ends how you might expect a shark book to end, which was realistic, but may be a little dark for some young readers. It is portrayed in a humorous way, but again, kind of dark so maybe not the best choice for sensitive children.

Overall, a good entertaining and educational picture book about sharks.