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Lumberjanes Vol. 4: Out Of Time -  Noelle Stevenson, Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Brooke Allen
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Can we all just pretend the third Lumberjanes book never happened? Great. Thanks. 

I really thought about stopping my pursuit of Lumberjanes after the third book. Those creepy baby-janes just did not do it for me. The story was fine, but I hate, hate, hated the illustrations. While browsing the graphic novel section of the library the other day, I stumbled across the fourth volume, broke down, and checked it out. I am so glad I did.

I loved this book! It is everything I love about the Lumberjanes series (and no infantalized campers!)- glad to have you back, Brooke Allen, please never leave us again!

Awesome story and love the characters. I just cannot get enough of Ripley. She is just the cutest. Also, the whole progression with Jo and April? Love it! I really hope Barney stays in the series. And Jen! I love Jen in this book! Ahhhh, just so much awesomeness in one place! Such a well-rounded book. You even get to learn a little bit more about the Lumberjanes camp, which makes it all the more intriguing. I am back to loving this series and can't wait for the next book. 

Thank goodness Allen is back to illustrating this series. She really saved it for me.