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Henchgirl - Kristen Gudsnuk
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I was a bit disappointed by this graphic novel. The concept was cool, but the execution fell through for me.

The thing that really threw me was that the art style changes so much in the comics. It really bugged me that the artwork wasn't consistent. Sometimes it appears more anime-ish, other times it's just cutesy style or dark or realistic-looking, so confusing. It really looked like each comic was drawn by a different artist. It would have made more sense if it were, but since it was all by Gudsnuk, it seemed like she couldn't decide what the comics were supposed to be like so just made it a little bit of everything. It felt really disjointed and not consistent at all. 

Also, I was really taken aback when Lana Street's character looks completely different in Issue 2 vs. Issue 3, then jumps back to Issue 2 style for the rest of the book. Was it supposed to be the same person? So confusing. The lack of consistency drove me up the wall. 

It also got weird gorey at times for a book that has mostly cutesy drawings in it. It made the sudden bloody scenes seem really out of place and awkward. The book gets surprisingly dark at times then suddenly becomes cutesy again. Once more with the inconsistency. 

Plot-wise, the first half was pretty boring. No idea what was happening. Then it really picks up the second half, but goes almost too fast so there is no real development. I just could not get into the story.

I didn't really like any of the characters. I can't find a word to describe them except "blah". 

And that carrot power just made my freaking skin crawl. Too much. 

By the end of the book I had more questions than answers and was very disappointed. I waited a few days to write my review, because when I finally finished it I was too confused to even know how I felt about the book. I took a few days to collect my thoughts, but that feeling of disappointment never really went away.

Hard pass on this one.