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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing - Judy Blume

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I feel horribly betrayed by this book.

I read the third book in this series (found it in the lending library) and enjoyed it, so when I saw the first book as an audiobook at the library, I figured it would be a good read.

It all started well enough. Fudge is his usual annoying self, which leads to funny incidents and learning experiences for all involved. I was really enjoying it and it was heading for at least a 4-star review. 

Then came the ending.

I do not and have never liked stories where needlessly bad things happen to unsuspecting animals. When Peter wins his turtle, Dribble, at a birthday party in the first chapter, I was prepared for the worst. When nothing bad happened to him, I figured I was just overly paranoid. Dribble is fine for chapter after chapter, so I forgot about my unease. Then came the last few chapters and I was just not prepared. It was horrifying. The characters eventually laugh off the incident, but come one, Fudge is a freaking psychopath. I am glad I read this as an adult and not a child, because I would have been so upset, I can just see my little self crying uncontrollably. A horrible and completely unnecessary thing to happen in a children's book.

Not recommended for sensitive children, especially animal-lovers. If they do read it, just skip over the last few chapters. 

The rest of the novel was well-done, which is why I still gave it 3-stars. I knocked a star off for that disgusting ending, but otherwise the novel was fine.

I am left with a new-found hatred for Fudge though. Before he was just annoying, now I can't stand him.