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Night of the Living Shadows (A Speed Bump & Slingshot Misadventure) - Dave Coverly
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I am all about the puns in this series (Rags 2 Ostriches, Owllister, PeckSun, Starbeaks). Hilarious. 

This is a good follow up to Night of the Living Worms. It has the same style, incorporating funny illustrations with block text and speech bubbles for a non-intimidating setup for young readers.

I was a little disappointed that the "Living Shadows" didn't really play much of a role in this one. I was really intrigued by the idea, but the reveal felt lack-luster. Still entertaining, but I was expecting more based on the title. 

A very humorous, fun read about two bird friends who go on a new adventure and all the havoc that ensues.