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My Little Pony: Friends Forever Volume 2 - Tony Fleecs, Thom Zahler, Jeremy Whitley, Agnes Garbowska, Katie Cook
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This book is pretty similar in style to the first volume of the series. It consists of four friendship stories featuring various characters in the My Little Pony universe. In this one, each story includes one (or more) of the Mane Six (Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, and Rarity) as well as a side character (Zecora, Trixie, and Princess Luna).

I feel pretty much the same about this volume as I did about the first. Overall, it's good. I prefer the comics that look more like the show (Tony Fleecs) rather than those that have their own style (Agnes Garbowska). There are a few weird things that seem inconsistent with the show (Rarity and Applejack really just stole a gyro-flyer!?). But the stories were all entertaining.

Good for MLP fans that enjoy graphic novels.