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File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents - Lemony Snicket

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A fun, engaging read that allows the reader to partake in the solving of thirteen mysteries. The book is set up so that the mystery is presented in the first half, then the conclusion can be found at the end. This is a nice way to engage the reader.

The mysteries themselves were well-written and it was find to try to figure out what happened in each. 

The only downside was that I listened to the audiobook. This is a weird book to listen to as an audiobook, because instead of flipping to the end of the book to see if your guess was right, you'd have to change the CD, then find the appropriate track (also the tracks are only listed on the actual CDs). Way too much work. So I just had to listen to all thirteen stories, then try to remember what happened in each separate mystery by the time I got to listen to the conclusions. Still a fun book, but an odd choice for an audiobook. Probably best to just read the physical book, although the all-star cast of narrators is pretty great.