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"Why Is This Night Different from All Other Nights?" (All the Wrong Questions) - Lemony Snicket, Seth Godin
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An epic conclusion to the All the Wrong Questions series. 

This series ends in a similar way to A Series of Unfortunately Events. Most of the riddles and mysteries are solved, but there are a few ends that don't get addressed. Still an entertaining book. 

The ending was kind of spoiled for me when I looked up a character's name for spelling purposes while writing a review for the previous book (darn audiobooks- I never know how to spell people's names) and saw something that allowed me to guess what happened at the end (darn spoilers!). But it was still a good book. 

I wasn't completely satisfied by the ending. But I still enjoyed the novel on the whole. 

Overall, the series was an interesting one that kept me guessing. I liked all of the mysteries and the weird setting that Snicket is so talented in creating. 

A good series for fans of A Series of Unfortunate Events.