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So my sister-in-law just published her first book of poetry and it is absolutely beautiful. You can get it now on Amazon.



And you can find my full review below. Happy reading!


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Full disclosure: This book was written by my sister-in-law.

You ever have a friend or relative ask you to read something they wrote and give them honest feedback then you read it and don't know how to nicely say their writing is horrible? Thankfully, I did not have that problem with this book. It is stunning. 

While most of the poems are fairly short, each word smacks you in the face and pulls on your heart, they grab you by the hair and scream in your ears, they caress your neck and whisper inspiration. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. 

Inspired by family, nature, and love, these poems pour from the soul for anyone who wants to stop and take the time to listen. And we should all take the time to listen.

The book is broken down into the four seasons. Each poem utilizes beautiful imagery to pull in the reader and envelop them in their message. This message shifts in each poem, but the overall tone of the book is one of empowerment, acceptance, and love. 

Very well written and thought provoking. These are the kind of poems that make your chest ache. Like nothing you have ever read before.