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The Last Black Unicorn - Tiffany Haddish

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This is a very difficult book to rate. It wasn't as funny as I thought it would be. There were definitely funny parts, but much of the book dealt with very serious issues. This is not a critique, but I think it is helpful knowing this before you start reading it. It is still a good book, but if you are expecting a fun, easy-going, feel-good memoir, this is not it. 

In the book, Haddish is very honest and upfront about various aspects of her life. She is very open about her past and describes horrible things that happened to her in a very casual, often humorous (and kind of inappropriate?), way. She discusses her childhood, relationships with men, and her divorce (remarriage, and second divorce). There are some heavy things in this book. 

The book is also pretty graphic at times in terms of sexual and violent content. 

One thing that comes up multiple times in this book is abuse and harassment in various forms. Whether in romantic relationships or within her work community, Haddish has a lot of experience putting up with horrible people. She notes in the book that she included some of these to hopefully help other girls and women see when people are mistreating them and recognize that it is not okay. This is a very admirable goal and it worked well in the book. 

Haddish's writing style is very conversational and casual. It is similar to the way she does her comedy. Reading this book is like talking to a friend. If you know anything about Haddish, you shouldn't be surprised to find out that there is quite a lot of swearing in this book. This style can be off-putting to some readers. I think it works in this book, but I also know that this style is not for everyone so it's good to know before going into it. 

Overall, this is an entertaining read that can be inspiring and empowering. But, while reading it, there are going to be times you aren't going to feel very good about the world. 

This book is funny, but it is also pretty dark at times. I still recommend it, but in this case it is good to know something of what to expect before reading it.