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Granny Torrelli Makes Soup - Sharon Creech
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This is an amazing, yet simple, book. At its base it's a story of Rosie cooking with her grandmother. But the book covers so much more than that.

In the first part of the book, Rosie makes soup with her grandmother while talking about a fight with her best friend, Bailey. In the second part, Bailey, Rosie, and Rosie's grandmother prepare for a pasta party while dealing with the drama of new children moving into the neighborhood. 

The books covers a variety of friendship problems, from jealousy and selfishness to lack of perspective-taking. The topics are brought up so casually that they feel very natural. Even though not much happens in the book, it is easy to get lost in Rosie's charming narration and Granny Torrelli's lifelong lessons.

Wonderfully written. This is a pleasure to read. A perfect book to learn about friendship and how to be a good friend.