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Bunnicula - a rabbit tale of mystery - James Howe

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I used to read this book all the time when I was a kid. I absolutely loved it. I remember sitting in my closet (where I stored my bookshelf for some reason) reading it and being slightly terrified that a vampiric Lagomorpha would jump out at me at any moment. I had a strange childhood.) 

Anyway, I recently dug through a bunch of my old books in my mother's attic and there it was, just waiting to be reread. I read it aloud to my husband while we were on a road trip. It was just as hilarious and spooky and cool as I remember.

A paranoid cat, a sassy dog, and a mysterious bunny who may or may not be a vampire. What's not to love?

Great, simple writing that is very entertaining. This book perfectly combines humor and mystery to create a wonderful read. Awesome read for young readers.