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Wishful Drinking - Carrie Fisher
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This was an entertaining read. I picked up a copy of the audiobook from the library to listen to while driving for work. 

The book is basically a collection of thoughts, stories, anecdotes, and jokes. I'll admit, I didn't really know much about Carrie Fisher before reading this book. She is very open in the book about various aspects of her life, especially addiction and mental health. I liked how inclusive Fisher was when talking about mental illness. The way she is so honest and open about her struggles makes it easy for the reader to connect with her. 

It is a very funny book. There is a lot of weird stuff that happens. Most of the jokes are self-deprecating, but Fisher has a way of reading the text that is very humorous. She finds a way to turn all the bad and strange things in her life around to make them a ridiculous story. 

Overall, a funny, entertaining read.