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Dora Saves the Enchanted Forest - Sheila Sweeny Higginson, Victoria Miller
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Cute story with nice illustrations. The book is pretty predictable and repetitive, per classic Dora. I was never really in to Dora, but I thought it was kind of weird that this one is so princess-y. Dora dons a purple dress and matching headband, which seemed to stray from her original shorts and t-shirt. I'm of the opinion that girls can wear whatever they want (dresses included), but this one seemed to be pushing the girly elements a bit much. 

Story-wise, it was entertaining. I really only picked this up from the Little Free Lending Library, because I thought the little girl I work with would enjoy the unicorn pictures.

I do wish that there was a little pronunciation guide or something in the book. I took French for six and half years and know very little Spanish. It's difficult for me to read Spanish, because I often revert to French pronunciation. A phonetic breakdown in the back would have been nice. 

Overall, an okay read. Good for kids who like unicorns.