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I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark - Debbie Levy, Elizabeth Baddeley
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This is an amazing book about an amazing individual. I loved every page of it.

I especially liked the focus on equality for men as well as women. Men are not portrayed as the "bad guys" in this book about equality. Instead there is a focus on equal opportunity for everyone, including stay-at-home dads and boys interested in sewing or cooking.

This is a very good non-fiction book. Growing up, I wasn't a huge fan of non-fiction, because it was often a bit dull. This one is anything but dull. With great illustrations and an empowering tone, this is a captivating read.

I also really liked the focus on Ruth Bader Ginsburg disagreeing throughout her life. Girls are often taught to be submissive and agreeable, but in this book, her ability to disagree is celebrated with colorful text within the illustration ("Ruth objected", "Ruth disapproved right back", "She resisted. And persisted."). I loved the empowerment on every page.

Levy also did a good job of simplifying things, but not glossing over injustices. She makes it clear that bad things were happening to people, but that Ruth Bader Ginsburg helped them. There are also more details in the back of the book, which is great for children (and adults) who want to learn more. 

This is a phenomenal book. I highly recommend it for all girls and boys.